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Route 44

Route 44 South Davis / Sacramento Express

Route 44 Express provides three morning and three afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between central and south Davis to downtown Sacramento.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


Anderson at Hannover 6:046:457:23
UC Davis Silo   7:31
1st at C 6:136:547:36
Cowell at Drew 6:156:567:40
Cowell at Drummond 6:207:017:45
Mace at Chiles 6:267:077:51
Capitol Mall at Front 6:477:288:12
J at 8th 6:517:328:16
9th at N 6:547:358:19
10th at N 6:587:398:23
16th & Capitol Ave. 7:007:418:25


H at 11th 4:164:365:06
15th at Capitol Ave. 4:214:365:11
P at 13th 4:254:455:15
10th at N 4:274:475:17
Capitol Mall at 7th 4:324:525:22
Capitol Mall at Front 4:354:555:25
Chiles at Mace 5:035:235:53
Drummond at Cowell 5:095:295:59
Cowell at Drew 5:135:336:03
1st at D 5:165:366:06
UC Davis Silo 5:24  
Anderson at Hanover 5:305:456:15


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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