Yolobus Fixed Route Bus Fares

Yolobus fixed route bus fares vary depending on which type of service you ride.

Youth ages 0-18 ride free!

Regular Adult (19-61) Senior/Disabled Senior/Disabled (62+/Disabled*)
Single Ride Tickets
Local Fare $2.00 $1.00
Intercity Fare $2.25 $1.00
Express $3.25 $1.50
Express Upgrade $1.00 N/A†
Monthly Passes
Local Routes $84.00 $42.00+
Intercity Routes $93.50 $42.00+
Express Routes $121.00 $42.00+
Between Yolobus (Non-Express) $0.25 $0.25
Between Yolobus (Express) $1.00 $0.50
Yolobus + SacRT Shared Passes
Daily Pass SacRT + Yolobus $7.00 $3.50
Monthly SacRT + Yolobus $100.00 $50.00

* To meet senior/disabled criteria, must possess one of the following as valid proof of identification upon boarding Yolobus: SacRT Senior or Disabled Photo ID; Medicare Card (NOT Medi-Cal); DMV Driver’s License or government-issued ID Card; Any other discount ID issued by another transit agency
† Senior/disabled monthly pass works on express routes already, does not require upgrade)
‡ Senior/Disabled monthly pass is valid on all routes, including local, intercity and express routes

BeeLine On-Demand Transit Fares

BeeLine on-demand microtransit fares are a one-way, flat-fee that is the same for all riders.

Regular Seniors (62+)/Disabled & Youth (0-18)
Knights Landing $2.00 $1.50
Winters $2.00 $1.50
Woodland $3.00 $1.50

ADA Paratransit (“Yolobus Special”) Fares

ADA-eligible riders can use ADA paratransit (“Yolobus Special”) service. The Yolobus Special fares vary by distance (local vs. intercity).

ADA Paratransit ("Yolobus Special") Products
ADA Paratransit Local Fare $4.00
ADA Paratransit Intercity Fare $4.50
ADA Paratransit Premium Fare* $6.00

* Premium service is available to medical facilities only in portions of Sacramento and Vacaville that are beyond ¾ miles of Yolobus fixed routes. Destinations within ¾ mile of a Yolobus fixed route are charged the Local or Intercity fare, whichever is applicable

How to purchase a ticket or a pass

More information on how to purchase a ticket or a pass is available here

How to Pay

Riders have many choices when paying their fares. Fares can be paid on board the bus with cash, but contactless payment is more efficient and reduces bus boarding times—getting riders to their destinations faster. Contactless fare payment options include the Connect Card and purchasing fare with the ZipPass mobile app

Connect Card

Connect Card is the Sacramento region’s electronic transit fare payment system and is accepted by most transit agencies in the Sacramento region. Connect Card readers are installed on all Yolobus and YOUR Ride vehicles. To pay, tag the Connect Card reader with your card upon boarding the bus.


All Yolobus and YOUR Ride vehicles have fareboxes to accept cash payments. Exact change is required as our bus operators don’t carry change or provide refunds. Passes on Connect Card can be purchased with cash at the Yolobus Customer Service Center.

Learn more about the cost of a ticket or pass

In-Person Ticket and Pass Sales

The Yolobus Customer Service Center in Woodland offers transit fare sales and Connect Card services:


350 Industrial Way, Woodland, CA 95776

Business Hours

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
9am – 12pm; 1pm – 4pm

Connect Card Services Offered

  • Issue New or Replacement Connect Cards for all riders, including eligible Discount Riders (Seniors, Persons with Disabilities)
  • Load Cash Value, Tickets and/or Passes onto Connect Cards

Alternative ticket and pass sales location in Sacramento

Tickets, passes and Connect Card services are also available in Sacramento at the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) Customer Service and Sales Center, 1225 R St., Sacramento (916) 321-2877

Types of Tickets or Passes

Single Ride

Tickets are for a one-way trip. A ticket can be purchased individually on Yolobus or by using the Connect Card.

Daily Pass

A Daily Pass is valid for unlimited rides until 1:30am the day after purchase on Yolobus and Sacramento Regional Transportation (SacRT). A Daily Pass can be purchased individually on board a Yolobus or by using the Connect Card.

Monthly Passes

Yolobus-only and Sacramento Regional Transit Monthly Passes are valid for unlimited rides for the month shown, and through the first business day of the following month.
Monthly passes can be purchased on the Connect Card website, but not on board a Yolobus.


If you are planning to connect with another Yolobus route to complete your trip, ask the driver for a transfer slip. Learn more about transfers >

Other Fare Media

The following passes are good for unlimited rides on Yolobus, including Express routes.

UC Davis Aggie Card UC Davis Extension International Program ID Sacramento State Student ID Los Rios Student Access Card South Natomas TMA Pass Sacramento County DHA Pass
Undergraduate or UCDE Global Study Only with valid expiration date with valid commuter sleeve with valid sticker with valid expiration date with valid sticker