Pet Policy

Except for transporting small animals in a completely enclosed and secured cage or carrier, animals that do not meet the definition of service animals are not permitted in Yolobus vehicles or facilities. Wire cages are not allowed. The cage or carrier must be small enough to fit on the person’s lap and must be carried on the person’s lap throughout the entire trip. The animal must not misbehave as described in the Service Animals section.


Service Animal Rules

Service animals are allowed to board Yolobus buses. A service animal is any animal specifically trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. If an operator is unsure that an animal performs a service function, the operator may ask the passenger either if the animal is trained as a service animal or what tasks the animal has been trained to perform. Persons boarding with service animals are not required to have a certificate or license nor is a photo of the animal required on the passenger’s Yolobus Disabled photo ID card.

For safety reasons, Yolobus recommends service animals do not ride the passenger lift platform. Their tails, paws, head, or equipment may catch in the lift mechanism.

Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in Yolobus vehicles and facilities. The animal must not interfere with other passengers, and must be under the constant supervision and control of its owner. If a service animal misbehaves, the passenger will be asked to remove his or her animal from the vehicle or facility. If there are multiple occurrences of misbehavior, the animal’s boarding privileges may be revoked. Some examples of misbehavior would be soiling the vehicle, or growling at or harassing passengers, the operator, or other service animals.

Service animal trainers are permitted to board Yolobus vehicles for training purposes. Individuals who wish to use Yolobus’s vehicles to train service animals are encouraged to call (530) 666-2877 to make special arrangements.