1. Plan Your Ride 

Find Your Route

Finding your route is easy with the Yolobus Trip Planner. Simply enter your start and end destination to get started.

More detailed information for each bus route is available on our Routes & Schedule page.

Preparing Payment

Yolobus offers many different ways to pay for your fare. Whether it’s through our convenient mobile app or using cash, you can choose whatever payment method works for you. 

For more information on the different ways, you can pay for your trip, visit our Fares page.

Check for Alerts

Real-time bus information can also be found by using our Yolobus LIVE bus tracker.

2. Riding The Bus

At the Bus Stop
  • Plan to arrive at least five minutes prior the scheduled arrival time
  • Check the bus stop sign for the correct bus route and destination
  • When the bus approaches, check the heading for the correct bus route
Boarding the Bus 
  • If you are paying with cash, be sure to have exact change since our drivers do not carry change. If you are planning on connecting with another Yolobus, ask the driver for a transfer slip which is valid for two hours (Note: The transfer slip may not be used to complete a round trip).
  • Find your seat! Seats located near the front are designated for our seniors and disabled riders. Proceed to a seat. If you must stand, use the handrails for safety.
  • If you are in a wheelchair or need to use the lift to board the bus, the driver will help you board and secure you in a designated space.
  • Have a bike? Learn more about boarding with your bike.
Ensuring that all our riders is safe is our number one priority. Read our Passenger Safety Policies to learn more about how to be safe during your trip. 

3. Exiting the Bus

Signal For Your Stop

Pull the cord or push a button to signal for your next stop. A chime will ring and a light will come on to indicate to the driver to stop at the next bus stop.

Exiting the Bus

Exit from either the front or rear door. If you exit from the rear door, you may have to step down or push the door sensor to exit.

If you need the lift, ask the driver to help you disembark.

Don’t forget your belongings!