Transfers between Yolobus routes

Are you planning to connect with another Yolobus route to complete your trip?

  • If you are paying with cash or Connect Card, ask the driver for a transfer slip when you board the bus. Transfer slips must be surrendered to the operator upon boarding another bus.
  • If you are paying with ZipPass mobile fare payment app, purchase a transfer at the same time that you purchase your single ride ticket.
Transfers from Yolobus… Regular Age 19-61 Senior/Disabled Age 62+/ Disabled* Youth Age 5-18 Children Under Age 5
To Yolobus (Non-Express) $0.25 $0.25 Free Free
To Yolobus (Express) $1.00 $0.50 Free Free

Transfers are valid for two hours and cannot be used to complete a round trip.

Transfers between Yolobus and other transit services

You can reach even more destinations by using Yolobus to connect with other regional transit providers. In some cases, such as those described below, Yolobus has made arrangements with connecting transit agencies to offer a reduced or free fare when you are using both services.


Unitrans service is free to persons with valid Yolobus passes.
Yolobus service is free to UC Davis Undergraduates with valid UC Davis registration card.
Yolobus accepts Unitrans passes and transfers as valid fare payment within the City of Davis only on Routes 42A, 42B, and any Unitrans routes temporarily operated by Yolobus (A, L).

Capitol Corridor (Amtrak)

Yolobus accepts Capitol Corridor transfers for one-way trips through the month and date punched on transfer. Not accepted on Express or Special Service routes.

Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT)

You can buy a Daily Pass or Monthly Pass that will grant you unlimited rides on both SacRT and Yolobus services. Below are the prices of the Yolobus + SacRT Shared Passes.

Regular Age 19-61 Senior/Disabled Age 62+/ Disabled* Youth Age 5-18 Children Under Age 5
Yolobus + SacRT Shared Passes
Daily Pass SacRT + Yolobus $7.00 $3.50 Free Free
Monthly Pass SacRT + Yolobus $100.00 $50.00 Free Free