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Route 210

Route 210 West Woodland Local

Route 210 provides hourly service, Monday-Friday, via a counter-clockwise loop in the west portions of Woodland.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.

Community & Senior Center 7:008:009:0010:0011:0012:001:002:003:004:005:006:00
County Fair Mall 7:038:039:0310:0311:0312:031:032:033:034:035:036:03
Matmor at E Main (Ross) 7:078:079:0710:0711:0712:071:072:073:074:075:076:07
Industrial at E Main (YCTD) 7:098:099:0910:0911:0912:091:092:093:094:095:096:09
Court at 2nd (Courthouse) 7:168:169:1610:1611:1612:161:162:163:164:165:166:16
W Beamer at West (Woodland HS) 7:218:219:2110:2111:2112:211:212:213:214:215:216:21
N Ashley at W Kentucky 7:258:259:2510:2511:2512:251:252:253:254:255:256:25
Cottonwood at W Beamer 7:288:289:2810:2811:2812:281:282:283:284:285:286:28
W Lincoln at Road 98 7:348:349:3410:3411:3412:341:342:343:344:345:346:34
Cottonwood at W Gibson 7:398:399:3910:3911:3912:391:392:393:394:395:396:39
County Fair Mall 7:468:469:4610:4611:4612:461:462:463:464:465:466:46
Community & Senior Center 7:508:509:5010:5011:5012:501:502:503:504:505:506:50


Please check the schedule for Saturday times

Please check the schedule for Sunday times.

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