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Route 45

Route 45 Woodland / Sacramento Express

Route 45 Express provides five morning and four afternoon trips, Monday-Friday, between Woodland and downtown Sacramento. Actual arrival times in Sacramento may vary due to traffic conditions. See Route 42A/42B for non-express hourly trips.


AM Times are light type. PM Times are bold type.


Court at 2nd 5:556:156:356:55 
Cottonwood at Beamer 6:006:206:407:00 
Cottonwood at Gibson (Hospital) 6:056:256:457:05 
County Fair Mall at Gibson 6:116:316:517:11 
East Main at Matmor (park & ride lot) 6:176:376:57 7:17
J at 4th 6:427:027:227:427:42
J at 8th 6:447:047:247:447:44
9th at N 6:477:077:277:477:47
10th at N 6:517:117:317:517:51
16th at Capitol Ave. 6:537:137:337:537:53


H at 11th 4:054:354:455:055:35
15th at Capitol Ave. 4:104:404:505:105:40
P at 13th 4:154:454:555:155:45
10th at N 4:174:474:575:175:47
Capitol Mall at 7th 4:204:505:005:205:50
Matmor at East Main (park & ride lot) 4:505:205:305:506:20
County Fair Mall at Gibson 4:545:245:345:546:24
Cottonwood at Gibson (Hospital) 5:015:315:416:016:31
Cottonwood at Beamer 5:065:365:466:066:36
Main at 5th 5:145:445:546:146:44


This route does not run on Saturdays

This route does not run on Sundays

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