Yolo Commute Offers Members $200 For New Bike for May is Bike Month

Woodland, Calif. (April 26, 2022): Get ready to dust the winter cobwebs off your bike, because May is Bike Month! Every May, Yolo Commute teams up with other organizations around the Sacramento region to celebrate cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. During May, Yolo Commute encourages residents to take advantage of the warmer weather and try cycling.

Helping more riders hit the road, Yolo Commute is offering its members at participating local businesses and organizations up to $200 to apply towards purchasing a new bike or $100 to use towards bike gear, key apparel, bike services, or bike classes. Yolo Commute invites all Yolo County businesses and organizations to be a part of its program and provide their staff with wonderful benefits.

To make things even more fun, Yolo Commute is excited to be participating in the 16th Annual May is Bike Month hosted by Love to Ride. Throughout May, riders can team up and compete to win prizes just by riding their bikes. Riders may find out more and register at mayisbikemonth.com.

Biking is a great way to get around, whether it’s for fun, for daily commuting, or to the nearest Yolobus stop, Yolo Commute helps people access alternative modes of transportation with cash incentives throughout the month of May.

About Yolo Commute: The Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) operates Yolo Commute, a non-profit organization that works with local employers and residential property owners to encourage biking, walking and transit. Yolo Commute works with different partners to provide programs and resources to Yolo County residents and improve mobility in the region.


For more information, please contact Daisy Romero at dromero@yctd.org or (530) 402-2864.


Yolobus Express Buses to Downtown Sacramento Return April 4

Yolobus will restore suspended bus routes that provide direct service from Davis and Woodland to Downtown Sacramento.

Woodland, Calif. (March 16, 2022): Yolobus Express Buses returns Monday, April 4 to provide convenient travel between Davis, Woodland and Downtown Sacramento. The express bus service will add fast, direct trips from Davis and Woodland, to popular destinations in Downtown Sacramento.

Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) is excited to bring these routes back after suspending them temporarily due to a bus driver shortage. Thanks to actions taken by the YCTD Board of Directors, and considerable hiring and training efforts from the District’s bus operation contractor, TransDev, the District can bring back these routes just in time for Spring and Summer activities to begin!

Express bus routes that will be reopening includes:

  • 43 (Davis/Sacramento)
  • 43R (Sacramento/Davis)
  • 45 (Woodland/Sacramento)
  • 230 (Davis/Sacramento)

Express bus fare is only $3.25 each way for riders ages 19-61. Riders ages 62 and older and those with disabilities ride for just $1.50 each way, and youth up to age 18 ride free! Monthly passes for regular riders are also available through the Connect Card, with more information available at connecttransitcard.com.

Convenient information on Yolobus services, routes, and schedules is available at Yolobus.com or by calling (530) 666-2877.


For more information please contact Christopher Quan Le at CQuanle@yctd.com or (530) 402-2821.

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Christopher Quan Le
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Yolo County Transportation District
350 Industrial Way, Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 402-2821 | CQuanle@yctd.org

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YCTD Welcomes Abbanat as New Senior Planner

Image of YCTD's new Senior Planner, Brian Abbanat
YCTD’s new Senior Planner of Mutimodal Projects, Brian Abbanat

Woodland, Calif. (March 10, 2022): After an extensive recruitment process, the Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) is pleased to announce Brian Abbanat as its next Senior Planner for Multimodal Projects. Abbanat beings his service at YCTD on March 9, 2022.

Abbanat brings over twenty-six years of transportation planning knowledge and experience to the District. Abbanat has served in various capacities around the Sacramento region, most recently as the Senior Transportation Planner for the City of Davis. His work in multimodal transportation planning and policy management has helped improve the City’s transportation systems function more effectively, efficiently, and equitably for Davis and Yolo County residents.

“Bringing in a seasoned planner was important to us, but bringing in someone who also understands the needs of the community was crucial. Brian is the exact person the District needs right now to help move forward key mobility projects for Yolo County,” said Autumn Bernstein, Executive Director of YCTD.

Abbanat’s knowledge and experience working on projects in the City of Davis will help YCTD tackle the Yolo 80 Corridor Improvements Project, which aims to ease congestion, speed up transit and improve bicycle travel between Davis and Sacramento.

Additionally, Abbanat will lead the District in planning the RAISE Intercity Trails project. This project aspires to develop a modern, safe, and accessible network of intercity bicycle paths connecting cities and rural communities in Yolo County. Abbanat’s experience in developing bicycle and pedestrian-friendly facilities for the City of Davis will be a great asset in implementing this project.

In his new role, Abbanat will lead the development of multimodal transportation plans, programs, and policies. He will also be responsible for developing funding applications to secure state, federal, and regional grants, managing contracts, and more.

About: The Yolo County Transportation District has kept people moving since 1982 by providing affordable, convenient mobility options to our community, including Yolobus and YOUR Ride Microtransit. We also partner with local and state agencies to continually improve all aspects of Yolo County’s transportation system so that residents have easy access to jobs, schools, shopping, and essential services.


For more information, please contact Christopher Quan Le at CQuanle@yctd.com or (530) 402-2821.

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