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REMINDER: Yolobus Service Changes Coming Sept. 12th, Including More Frequent Bus Service on Routes 42A and 42B! 08.30.21 3:51 pm

REMINDER: Starting on Sunday, September 12, 2021, the Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) will make Yolobus service changes to bring you a better bus experience.

Changes to Routes 42A & 42B

We’re adding trips on Route 42A and 42B during the morning and evening peak hours so that buses come every 30 minutes rather than every 60 minutes. We are also streamlining the Route 42A and 42B in Davis and Downtown Sacramento.

For the new Route 42 schedule, click here

For maps of the new Route 42 routing in Davis and Downtown Sacramento, click here

If your stop in Davis is no longer served by a Yolobus route, click here for Unitrans alternatives

Bus service from any city in Yolo County to the Sacramento International Airport is going to be more frequent than ever! If you are traveling to the Airport from Davis, either the 42A or 42B may be faster for you depending on your location within Davis. Click here to find the fastest trip between Davis and the Airport.

Other changes

Consistent with our YoloGo plan (see yolobusgo.com for more info), we are also permanently eliminating service on the following underutilized routes so that the resources can be put toward more heavily used services:

  • Route 44 Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 232 Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 45X Spring Lake (Woodland)-Sacramento Express
  • Route 46 Spring Lake (Woodland)-Sacramento Express
  • Route 242 Woodland-Davis Commute
  • Route 243 Spring Lake (Woodland)-Davis Commute

If your stop in Davis is no longer served by a Yolobus route, click here for Unitrans alternatives

Additional changes include the following:

  • Service reductions that were previously made on Route 230 (Davis-Sacramento Express) will be made permanent. Route 230 will continue to permanently operate 4 trips per day (2 AM trips + 2 PM trips) rather than the 6 trips per day it operated previously.

  • Route 220 (Winters-Davis-Vacaville) will be permanently eliminated and has been replaced by Winters YOUR Ride on-demand, curb-to-curb microtransit service. For information on how to use YOUR Ride services, please call (530) 666-2877.

 For more information, contact Yolobus Customer Service at (530) 666-2877 or custserv@yctd.org

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