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Did You Know?

Can you speak Polish or Chinese?

Each day YOLOBUS puts on enough combined miles to drive from Sacramento, California to Beijing, China or Warsaw, Poland!

There goes another bus!

At any given time, there are as many as 41 Yolobus buses on the road.

Circling the globe

YOLOBUS has logged over 34 million miles - enough to circle the earth 1,360 times!

Leading by example…

In 1993, the Yolo County Transportation District became among the first transit properties in California to utilize CNG technology.

Air-friendly buses

A Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bus is one of the lowest emission buses available in the industry.

Bus fleet

The Yolo County Transportation District fleet of Yolobus buses consists of 44 transit size coaches powered by Compressed Natural Gas, six (6) highway coaches that run on clean diesel and 10 cutaway buses and vans that primarily serve the frail, elderly and disabled.

Going flying?

Yolobus makes 244 trips to and from Sacramento International Airport every week to and from various locations.

The transit system that never sleeps

Yolobus runs service somewhere from 4:37 a.m. to 1:55 a.m., or 21.3 hours of every weekday. Parts of our facility are staffed 24/7.

Focus is transit service on the street

The Yolo County Transportation District has just 10 in-house positions, that includes positions not just as a transit operator but also the congestion management agency for Yolo County jurisdictions, assisting them planning for and securing funding for a variety of transportation projects. We contract bus service to a company called Transdev, which employs about 115 people to operate and maintain our fleet of buses. We have been associated with Transdev (formerly Veolia Transportation) since 2006 and a contract option to extend that contract to 2018 has been exercised. Transdev provides both fixed route and paratransit services.


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