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Media Release: Yolobus Executive Director Announces Retirement After More Than 39 Years of Service 03.16.21 3:15 pm

Terry Bassett, Executive Director of the Yolo County Transportation District, has announced his retirement, effective April 2, 2021, after more than 39 years of overseeing transportation fixed route bus and paratransit services in Yolo County.

Bassett began his career in Yolo County in 1981, as the Transit Coordinator in the Yolo County Public Works Department, and has been associated with Yolobus since it began in 1982. In 1994, Mr. Bassett was appointed to the position of Executive Director. In this capacity, he has managed the YoloBus system and served in a wide range of regional transit roles.

During the course of Mr. Bassett’s tenure, Yolobus has provided nearly 42 million rides, exceeding the equivalent of California’s entire state population. If all these riders stood touching fingertips they would encircle the earth 1.7 times.

Winters City Councilmember and Chair of the Yolo County Transit District Board of Directors, Jesse Loren, said, “Terry Bassett has, over the years, through imagination, innovation, vision, hard work, and leadership, indelibly stamped his mark on transit in Yolo County, and by his example, motivated the YCTD staff to become resources to all Yolo County residents and jurisdictions, and beyond. The Board wishes him the very best in his well-deserved retirement.”

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