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YCTD: Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting 02-22-2021 02.19.21 4:42 pm


1. Call to order/roll call

2. Self-Introductions of Members, YCTD Staff

3. Consider Approval of Agenda for February 22, 2021 meeting

4. Selection of Chair, Vice-Chair for February-June, 2021

5. Distribution of CAC Bylaws, YCTD Board Vision, Values and Priorities

6. Comments from CAC members and public regarding matters NOT on the Agenda, but within the purview of YCTD (Comments will be limited to two (2) minutes per person—please identify yourself and in which community you live before providing your comments)

7. Approval of January 4, 2021 Minutes

8. Update on COA and Reassessment Study

9. Report on Current YCTD Microtransit Projects

10. Executive Director Report/Updates (Oral Report)
     a. Causeway Connection Update
     b. SACOG Competitive Funding Round Update
     c. YCTD Next Short Range Transit Plan
     d. Other items (Oral Update on CAC Recruitment Efforts)
     e. Attachments
          i. YCTD Citizens Advisory Committee Bylaws
          ii. YCTD Vision, Values, and Priorities

11. Other matters, future agenda topics

12. Next Regular Quarterly Meeting – Proposed April 5, 2021, 6:00 PM

13. Adjourn

Please click the link below to download the agenda and packet: 


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