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Yolobus Service to Reinstitute Fare Collection 06.12.20 12:25 pm

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, all Yolobus services will reinstitute fare collection for applicable riders and services. Fare collection was temporarily halted due to COVID-19 and to ensure Yolobus was in compliance with Yolo County Health orders. Face coverings are required to be worn at all times while riding and waiting for bus service. YCTD and Yolobus services are required to meet minimum farebox revenues and reinstituting fare collection will help Yolobus continue to operate in a sustainable manner.


In addition to the temporary free-fares, rear door boarding was also implemented, and will continue to be allowed, though customers will once again have the option to board through the front doors. Customers boarding through rear doors will still need to provide valid fare or present valid fare passes to the drivers.


Sale of Yolobus and Connect Card passes will resume on June 15, 2020. Customers who previously registered Connect Cards with “auto load” services will need to re-register the auto load information. Additional information on Connect Card and auto loading is available at connecttranistcard.com


Additional Yolobus customer service information is available by calling 530-666-2877, or by emailing custserv@yctd.org. For more information on Yolobus services please visit yolobus.com.

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