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Weekly Update on Reroutes and Detours: 1/31/2020 02.04.20 5:09 pm

Downtown Sacramento – 10th at N St.



Bus Stop Closed | 10th at N St. 


Due to construction, the bus stop at 10th and N Stwill be closed until further notice

Routes affected by the closure:

  • 39 AM/PM
  • 43R PM Only
  • Davis Expresses AM/PM
  • Woodland Expresses AM/PM 
Please board/alight at N St. at 14th for AM Routes:
  • 39 AM
  • Davis Expresses AM
  • Woodland Expresses AM 

Please board/alight at Capitol Mall at 7th for PM Routes:
  • 39 PM
  • Davis Expresses PM
  • Woodland Expresses PM 

Please board/alight at Q St.
 at 5th for PM Routes:

  • 43R PM Only
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