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9th Street Closures - Yolobus Reroutes in Downtown Sacramento 04.13.18 2:53 pm

Beginning Friday, April 13th 2018, from 12:00 p.m. until further notice, 9th Street between J and K Street in Downtown Sacramento will be closed to heavy vehicle traffic, including buses, for construction. The closures are anticipated to remain in effect for two weeks, though may have a longer duration. Due to these closures, Yolobus Routes traveling through the affected areas in Downtown Sacramento will be rerouted. The affected bus routes include Routes 39 (AM), 241 (AM and PM), Woodland Express Routes 45, 45X, 46, and Davis Express Routes 43, 44, 230, 231, and 232. Yolobus will resume normal service after 9th Street has been re-opened to heavy vehicle traffic.


The affected bus routes include:

  • Route 39 AM – Southport-Sacramento Commute
  • Route 241 – West Sacramento Commute
  • Route 45 – Woodland-Sacramento Express
  • Route 45X – Spring Lake-Sacramento Express
  • Route 46 – Spring Lake-Sacramento Express
  • Route 43 – Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 44 – Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 230 – Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 231 – Davis-Sacramento Express
  • Route 232 – Davis-Sacramento Express


The following bus stops will not be served:

  • J St. at 8th (Open to Route 241)
  • 9th St. at K St.
  • 9th St. at L St.


The following bus stop will be added temporarily:

  • 7th at J St. – Replaces applicable 9th at K and J at 8th Timepoints

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