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Womens March on Sacramento-Yolobus Service 01.18.18 2:07 pm

Womens March on Sacramento-Yolobus Service

Yolo County residents will be able to utilize Yolobus to directly access the Women’s March on Sacramento taking place on Saturday, January 20th from Southside Park in Sacramento to the State Capitol. More information on the march and activities on January 20th can be found online at http://www.womensmarchsac.com/

Residents can access the march and activities just south of Downtown Sacramento. Buses will follow their regular posted Saturday schedule for arrival and departure from the event shown at Yolobus.

Taking Yolobus To the Event
The first run of Route 42A from Woodland and the first run of Route 42B from Davis and West Sacramento, will deviate slightly from their early Saturday morning service so that residents can access the start of the march at 6th & T Streets near Southside Park. Extra buses will be available for the first run of Routes 42A and 42B only. Other departure times are available, but may not get riders to the event in time for the start of the march and may require connecting to a Sacramento Regional Transit Bus. Detailed schedules are available at http://yolobus.com The following are sample routes:

1) From County Fair Mall (Woodland), only the Saturday 8:00am departure of Route 42A
2) From the Davis Park & Ride (2nd & Mace-Stops at Lot inside Park & Ride), only the Saturday 7:43am departure of Route 42B
3) From the West Sacramento Transit Center, only the Saturday 8:07am departure of Route 42B

Taking Yolobus From the Event
Return trips can be made by accessing various bus routes at 7th & Capitol Mall following the events and activities. Extra buses will be available from 1:08pm-3:37pm at the end of the march and following activities planned at the State Capitol. Sample routes back to Yolo County include:

1) To County Fair Mall (Woodland), 1:08pm departure of Route 42B
2) To the Davis Park & Ride (2nd & Mace-Stop on NB Mace), 1:33pm departure of Route 42A
3) To the West Sacramento Transit Center, 1:33pm departure of Route 42A

Riders can take Yolobus to and from these sample locations or any other regular Route 42A or 42B bus stop. Go to http://yolobus.com/ to plan your trip to the march or call 530-666-BUSS (2877) or 916-371-BUSS (2877).

Rainy Weather/Potential Traffic Delays
Riders should plan for rainy weather forecast for Saturday. This is expected to be a very large event. Delays and deviations from the planned bus route could occur due to increased traffic related to the event. Yolobus will attempt to provide as much additional service as possible, but demand may exceed the capacity of the system requiring attendees to make alternate arrangements if all extra buses reach their capacity. Riders should anticipate crowded buses and the potential to stand for their entire trip.

Americans with Disability (ADA) Access
ADA access is available on all buses. Paratransit service for qualified persons is available by booking a ride in advance by 5pm on Friday, January 20th at (530)666-2877 or (916)371-2877.

Fare Information
Aside from convenience, perhaps the best part about this service is the money savings. Yolobus Fares are $2.25 each way for regular passengers and $1.10 for senior (62+), disabled and youth passengers. Day passes for round trip service are available for $7.00. Normal paratransit fares are in effect. Sacramento Regional Transit Fares are charged separately. UC Davis undergraduates, CSU Sacramento undergraduates, and Los Rios students ride for FREE with valid student ID on Yolobus. Regular fares will be in place and exact change is required

Women's March on Sacramento Update
Due to additional demand from Davis, we just added the 2nd regular run of 
the 42B going to 5th & T Streets. Bear in mind this 2nd run of the Route 42B may be delayed in traffic and not be able to travel all the way to 5th & T before the march starts requiring participants to walk the remainder of the way to 5th & T Streets.  See schedule on our Yolobus webpage.
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