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Weekly Update on Reroutes and Detours ( Oct 10) 10.10.17 11:23 am

Davis–Construction 2017

Monday, October 9th 2017- December 15th 2017

Reroute | Davis Construction 2017


On Monday, October 9th 2017 till December 15th 2017, due to construction scheduled at Cowell Blvd. the following bus stops: Drummond at Lillard (SB & NB), Drummond at Cowell (SB) and Cowell at Drummond (EB) will be closed till December 15th 2017. Due to this closure the affected routes are 44AM and 44 PM. Yolobus will resume normal service after December 15, 2017.


The affected bus routes include:

  • Route 44 AM – Davis to Sacramento Express
  • Route 44 PM – Sacramento to Davis Express

The following bus stops will not be served from Monday, October 9th 2017 till December 15th 2017:

  • Drummond at Lillard (SB&NB)
  • Drummond at Cowell (SB)
  • Cowell at Drummond (EB)
  • Drummond at Albany (NB)

Detour Map: Davis


Downtown Sacramento – Downtown Chow Down

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Reroute | Downtown Chow Down


On Sunday, October 15, 2017, from 5:00 am until 7:00 pm, Capitol Mall (between 3rd and 6th St.) will be closed due to the Downtown Chow Down event.  


Due to the closure, Yolobus Routes in Downtown Sacramento will be rerouted during the specified times. The affected bus routes include:


  • Route 42A/42B - Intercity
  • Route 40 – West Sacramento Local
  • Route 240 – West Sacramento Shuttle

The following bus stops will not be served:

  1. 5th St. at L Street.
  2. J St. at 6th St. 
  3. J St. at 8th St. 

Detour Map: West Sacramento

Detour Map: Downtown Sacramento

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