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Weekly Update on Reroutes and Detours (Jan. 18) 01.18.17 3:45 pm

Downtown Sacramento – Women’s March On Sacramento

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

 On Saturday, January 21st 2017, between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm, Capitol Mall will be closed for the Women’s March on Sacramento. Due to these closures, Yolobus routes traveling through downtown Sacramento will be re-routed during the specified times. The affected routes include Routes 42A/42B, and 40. Yolobus will resume normal service after 1:30 pm.   

Route 40 Detour

The second Saturday trip of Route 40 will be detoured north onto 5th from N St. in Sacramento to J St.   Subsequent trips on Route 40 will be detoured due to the march and will drop customers off on 5th at Capitol Mall.


Special Reroute of First Route 42A/42B Trip Only
The first Saturday trips of Routes 42A/42B will be detoured prior to the start of the event at 10:00am to 5th at T St. in Sacramento to provide more direct access to the event.   Yolobus will operate additional 42A/42B buses to provide additional capacity prior to and after the event. 


Routes affected by the Closure

  • 42A (Intercity Clockwise)
  • 42B (Intercity Counter-Clockwise)
  • 40 (Intercity- West Sacremnto)

Bus Stops Added (Route 42A/42B Only)

  • 5th at T Street

Bus Stops Closed (Route 40 Only)

  • N St at 7th St
  • 8th St at N St

Detour Map

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