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August 16, 2018

WiFiWi-Fi on Yolobus

We have been doing a "soft launch" to test it, and we are now pleased to announce that all of our fixed route and paratransit buses are equipped with Wi-Fi. The symbol above, visible near the door entrance, tells you the bus has Wi-Fi.

Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect to Network ID, matching the bus number (The bus number is located in the front of the bus above the driver)
  2. Open Internet browser, review and accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Ride and enjoy!

If you should encounter problems connecting with our Wi-Fi, please Click Here to email us or call (530) 666-2877.

Plans to Replace Buses

Yolobus has 44 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, six 45-foot diesel highway coaches, and 11 "cutaway" vehicles, which primarily serve disabled and frail elderly riders.

Since last year, we have acquired 17 new CNG buses, 16 of which have replaced older CNG buses. We have also submitted a grant application to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to replace 13 other CNG buses, and a separate application to the Federal Transit Administration to replace seven more. If we are successful with these grant applications, 82% of our CNG fleet will have been replaced within two years, or less.

We have also submitted grant applications to replace two "cutaway" vehicles and to acquire three wheelchair accessible vans to be used in “microtransit” service.

Jump Bike Program

Many of you have likely seen candy red bikes either at a bike rack or traveling within and between Davis, UC Davis, West Sacramento and downtown Sacramento. They are part of an exciting “JUMP Bike” community bikeshare rental program that has been established in the region, using electric assist pedal technology. Just go to the App JUMP Bikes and you will quickly learn how easy it is to find where bikes are available and how to rent one. If, for example, you would like to take a recreational ride along a bike trail you will find that Yolobus can take you near many of the JUMP bike locations, offering a smart way of getting to and from the bus.

We strongly suggest you bring your bicycle helmet with you, as the JUMP bikes do not come with helmets. If you use a Jump bike to get to a Yolobus bus, please be aware that they are not allowed on the bus bike racks, due to weight considerations. (Most other bikes that weigh under 30 pounds can be placed on the bus bike racks.)

West Sacramento’s VIA On-Demand Rideshare Pilot

The City of West Sacramento, has launched a pilot service and is testing the viability of on-demand rideshare service open to the general public and operating within the West Sacramento city limits. A key feature is the ability to schedule rides from a smart phone, or by telephone, including rides the same day. For more information Click Here   

Terry Bassett, Executive Director
Yolo County Transportation District



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